Slip and Fall claims

You can win your claim if your slip and fall attorneys prove the elements that are necessary for any successful personal injury case. A slip and fall is a civil injury. It is caused by an act of the individual that falls on the sidewalk, street, or any other public place. It can also be caused by a dangerous condition on the sidewalk, such as ice, snow, cold or wet surfaces which can also cause this type of accident.


According to California Civil Code Sections 42.6, 42.6.1, and 42.6.2, a slip and fall is when someone has been injured or harmed by an act of a person that causes or enables the person to fall.

Physical Injury: is injury or harm caused by a physical contact (like a fall) where the person suffers injury.

Mental Harm: is a mental injury caused by a mental contact with an injury.

Immediate Dangerous Condition: is any condition, including, but not limited to, unsafe condition or dangerous condition with respect to the fall, fall by any means, and nonfatal injury from a fall that does not result in a patient in a dangerous condition.

Restraining Order: is a court order that gives permission to an individual who falls to keep or control the property. A restraining order must not be issued that would have the effect of preventing the individual from returning to his or her usual place of residence.

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