Review – The Proceedings of That Night, Pleasance Courtyard

A lone actor is recording a horror story in a deserted studio on a dark and stormy night but soon finds the narrative shifting to make him a part of it. This is a postmodern take on the classic ghost story written for radio by Lynne Truss and performed here on stage for the first time.

It’s a short and compact little play, just thirty minutes long and with only one actor (the very good Martin Miller), but it works brilliantly. It remains more clever than chilling – there is none of the sort of shocks you might expect from The Woman in Black – but it is an engaging piece and Miller is convincing both as the luvvy actor and the increasingly terrified victim.

Altogether, this play just clicks. It’s short, concise, funny, well thought out and well performed. What more could you ask from a show at the fringe?