Review – The Ginge The Geordie and The Geek, Just the Tonic at the Caves

Can there be a more minging venue in Edinburgh than Just The Tonic At The Caves? The smell (think damp pub cellar meets last day of Reading Festival) I could just about cope with, but that combined with the cold and the complete inability to see anything because the seats aren’t raked and the stage is tiny – let’s just say it had better be a very good show to get me through those doors.

Thankfully, The Ginge, The Geordie and The Geek have enough good ideas to make it worthwhile. This is rapid fire comedy with 35 sketches packed into an hour long show and the pace is formidable: music and lighting cues are deftly managed and business with costume changes and set moving around is kept to a minimum. This is clearly a highly practiced and polished comedy show.

The three performers (you can probably guess what they’re like from the title of the show) cover everything from garden gnomes to mime addicts and werewolf carebears to vegetarian lions. Not every sketch hits the bullseye (the Chief character was due for retirement from the very first sketch) but there is enough here to make it impressive and there are a few real gems: the final sketch, in which one man’s relationship with food is played out through the medium of Dirty Dancing, is truly superb.