Good week / Bad week

Bad week for Wicked.  The usually undisputed queen of Broadway has, for the first, time been outgrossed by Spiderman: Turn Off The Life Support, albeit by only $58.  Having said that, it remains pretty remarkable given that the Taymor/Bono roulette of death is still in previews and that it now won’t open until the dim and distant future.

Good week for Bill de Blasio.  New York’s city advocate – the second highest elected official in the city – thinks the show has been breaking consumer protection laws by not making it clear that the current shows are previews. I’ve written previously about how the show’s marketing is hardly shy about advertising, despite being in no way ready for critics of course, and Mr de Blasio seems to agree, noting that the show’s website makes “no mention that the show is in previews.”  The show could face fines, although it’s unlikely that this will be much of a worry for people involved – given that they’re probably more focused on simply staying alive at the moment.

Bad week for websites.  After announcing on the radio at the weekend that David Tennant and Catherine Tate would reunite (they were apparently in a TV programme about aliens once which is very popular with children) for Much Ado at the Wyndhams from May, the Delfont Mackintosh website imploded into a worm hole of empty baskets and frustrated purchasers. Is it really beyond the wit of man to run a website that doesn’t become unusable on the first day of purchases for a popular show? Seemingly.

Good week for the Donmar.  Jude Law and Eddie Redmayne return to ensure that Michael Grandage leaves the theatre absolutely, absolutely minted following what is sure to be another sell-out season.

Bad week for Legally Blonde. Sheridan Smith gave her last performance on Saturday. Rumours suggest it won’t be long before we see the v. good Miss Smith back on stage soon.