Good week / Bad week

Good week for London.  The Bridge Project will start here, rather than New York, this time around.  Despite my usual scepticism about this project, Kevin Spacey playing Richard III directed by Sam Mendes sounds pretty damn exciting.  Opens 29 June. We’ll be there.

Bad news for gossip.  What’s On Stage breathlessly reported that Johnny Depp might be playing Hamlet in the West End.  Or, you know, literally anywhere else.  Or maybe in a film.  Or maybe not at all.  If that’s not exciting, I don’t know what is.

Good week for big musicals.  Despite The Guardian having had enough of them, the biggest one of them all, Spiderman in New York, is absolutely clearing up in the publicity stakes.  Its status as an epic disaster is now even being reported in the mainstream press, which means it’s one of the few New York shows I’d actually consider going there for.  Either: it will be superb and confound the critics, in which case I’ll be on the right side of history; or, it will be a spectacular disaster, in which case it will close and I will be one of few to have seen the most expensive musical catastrophe ever.  If that sort of certainty isn’t worth a few BA miles, I don’t know what is.

Bad week for the RSC’s new home in Stratford.  Given the universally positive reaction to the new building last week, the Guardian clearly decided to bring it down a peg or two and somebody was dutifully dispatched to write about how, actually, it’s rubbish.

Good week for Rory Kinnear and Nancy Carroll who won everything.