Good week / Bad week

Good week for Sheridan Smith.  She’s been shortlisted in the best actress award for the London Evening Standard Theatre Awards.

Bad week for decency on the British stage.  Alan Bennett has told the Guardian that he “has decided it’s time to give himself free rein”.  Which will be quite something given just how dodgy the subject matter of his recent work has been (Cf History Boys, Habit of Art).

Good week for Theatre503.  Gordon and Sarah Brown turned up to their “coalition” show this week.

Bad week for Italy.  The performing arts (including singers, actors and others) went on strike to protest a 37% cut in government subsidies.  It has yet to be reported whether the Italian people survived their ordeal.

Good week for Rebecca Hall.  She thinks London theatre is brill.

Bad week for elitism.  The Royal Ballet will perform to thousands at the O2.

Good week for the RSC, which unveiled its new home.  They all seem quite charmingly excited about it.  Even though they’ve buried Francis Urquhart under the first row.