Good week / Bad week

Good week for the Finborough Theatre. In fact, a bloody great week for the Finborough Theatre, which won support from two of the great pillars of European theatre: the Peter Brook stamp of approval and a thumbs up from Sans Taste.  If we could just convince Maggie Smith then we’d have the whole triumvirate agreed.

Bad week for the wallets of theatre fans.  Keira Knightley will return to the West End stage in January, this time accompanied by Elizabeth Moss (who, despite all this Mad Men rubbish, will always be a Bartlet daughter for me), for the Children’s Hour at the Comedy Theatre.  We are promised “deceit, shame and courage”, not to mention “a 1930s boarding school” but this sort of star power doesn’t come cheap: ticket prices are billed at £25-60, although that doesn’t include the “premium tickets” (aka most of the stalls) at a whopping £75.  For a single ticket.  One night with Keira or a whole season at the Royal Court?  Your call.