Good week / Bad week

Bad week for Onassis.  The new boy at the Novello has come in for some awful reviews.  Billington (1 star) asks “why on earth did people of taste and judgment bother to revive a piece as laughably awful as this?” and Quentin Letts (1 star) noted “In front of me a boy of about 12 fidgeted and yawned. I think he wished the evening would end sooner. He was not alone.”  Coveney (a total of 8 stars) loved it, of course.

Bad week for lazy Sunday mornings.  Lyn Gardner asks the question as to why more theatres don’t open on a Sunday.  Very valid question, Lyn, although amongst certain members of the Sans Taste household there is a certain level of satisfaction that Sunday has to be a theatre free day and that I can’t insist on traipsing over to the South Bank every single day of the week.