Good week / Bad week

Good week for The Royal Opera House. Moments after GWBW went to “press” last Friday, the venerable institution issued an apology for its behaviour over “copywrite-gate”. The apology was itself a comic example of subsidised grand arts trying to be down with “access” – a PDF (which most people can’t/won’t read on their phones) sent out via twitter (which most people use on their phones). To be fair, ROH protocol probably does require that two European monarchs bless all public announcements using a holy quail’s egg or something similarly arcane, so you can’t blame the team there too much for doing what was undeniably too little too late. Bottom line: points for trying.

Bad week for the credibility of opera in The Netherlands. It was revealed this week that a Dutch theatre company has written and will perform an opera in Klingon, the fictional language spoken by virgins. The original operatic work was devised over the course of a year (A YEAR!) during which nobody involved seems to have asked “are we wasting our lives?” The year-long development process (A YEAR!) included a residency at The Watermill Centre. Which is in New York. They’d better have offset their carbon…

Good week for The Young Vic. Not that young any more but still down with the kids.

Bad week for poor Maggie Thatcher who is “demonised” in a new play at The Royal National Theatre (Blood and Gifts in case you were wondering). Luckily for her, Tim Walker and The Telegraph are there to defend her honour and score a few points along the way, concluding that the Left is “stuck in the past, blithely insouciant about the mess that has been made of our country over the last decade,” etc, etc.

Good week for The Barbican and the National Theatre. Their press offices graciously and promptly replied to my request for images (Cf. you will get sooed you if you imphringe coppieright) along with clear guidelines as to how to use them and who to credit.