Barbican Autumn/Winter season

So it turns out The Barbican have a great Autumn/Winter season coming up and nobody thought to tell me. Hrmph.

New production of Les Mis. Restricted view in the circle will set you back £50. But hey, how often do you get a new production of Les Mis? Amortise that over 25 years and it’s a bargain.

Toast of the Fringe in 2006, Black Watch returns to the Barbican from November to January. If you haven’t seen this yet, then there’s really no excuse.

Standout of the 2010 Fringe, for me at least, was another knockout piece of physical theatre from those energetic types at National Theatre of Scotland. I’ve already raved about Beautiful Burnout once so I’ll only say that it’s compelling and just very beautiful. Basically, if you don’t go see it then we’re probably not friends any more.