Review – Chris Addison, Assembly George Street

Chris Addison
Chris Addison is undoubtedly best known as “the young guy* from the political show with the guy who swears a lot”. Picking your stand up from the cast of shows you like can be a dangerous strategy, as them off the telly can have a surprisingly hit-and-miss success rate in translating comedy to a format where they have to do the writing as well as the talking (Cf. the staggering mediocrity of the Mitchell & Webb Anything excluding Peep Show).

Thankfully, Addison is clearly no neophyte and delivers the goods on stage. The material feels tightly written and rehearsed, even if not particularly fresh at times, and the performance is highly polished.

There’s plenty to think about as well, although the most potentially interesting and controversial section (on the taboo status of sex being “just not for me”) doesn’t feel thoroughly enough worked through to be more than just amusing.


4 stars

* Little know fact of the day: Chris Addison is in fact “the 38 year old guy from the political show with the guy who swears a lot”. 38! He’s married! He’s got a four year old! Who’d have guessed?