Review – Obama Mia, Just the Tonic at the Caves

You will struggle to find a more witless production at the Fringe than Obama Mia. Trying to be part musical and part political parody, this fails on both counts and, for the most part, can’t even manage to be charming in an awful school play sort of way.

The plot follows the Obama for America team as they attempt to deal with the repercussions of the candidate falling into a “hope induced coma” – that’s the best joke. He is replaced by an actor and hilarity (well, obviously not actual hilarity) ensues.

The songs are bland, the performances are too amateur to critique politely and the political parody is butter-knife blunt.

Not that the audience, most of who seemed to be family members of those on stage, seemed to mind. They clapped and snapped photos (throughout – literally, they took photos THROUGHOUT) – unless you have a relative on stage, however, this is definitely one to miss.

1 star