Review – Teenage Riot, Traverse

Teenage Riot
Look, let’s just leave it at this and we can all carry on with our lives: give this show a miss.

Not nearly as clever as it thinks it is, Teenage Riot follows seven, or maybe eight – who knows – teenagers as they whine about how the world doesn’t understand them, burn pictures of their family and throw tomatoes at projected images of the audience. It’s a bit like an episode of Skins with Flemish accents but without a plot.

The staging is unusual: most of the action takes place in a shed on stage, relayed to the audience by a live video projected onto the downstage wall of aforementioned shed. Quite why isn’t made clear – it does allow for some nice effects, but for the most part is just quite annoying and contrived. At the end of the show the audience is invited to tour the shed – you can give this is miss too, since the most interesting thing about it is that someone’s spent a long time writing WANK over and over on one wall.

Waste of time.

1 star