Review – Greg Davies: Firing Cheeseballs at a Dog, Pleasance

You get the impression that, if you let him, Greg Davies could keep this up for hours. It’s not that the material feels in any way average, it’s that his humour comes so naturally that this hour-long set feels like just a small slice of a life which is filled with humour.

His set is unfortunately named, because it isn’t really about ludicrous situations (which firing cheeseballs at a dog must surely rank as) but rather carefree and humour-filled ones, or ones which at least must be seen through that filter.

The comedy is top notch – in the sense that people didn’t stop laughing throughout – but there was also a deeper and more important strand which came through, without feeling shoe-horned or tacked on for effect.

Greg Davies is, in short, a compelling performer – infectiously funny and honest: well worth seeing.

4 stars