Review – Bo Burnham, Pleasance Dome

Bo Burnham
I defy you not to be charmed by Bo Burnham. The young star of YouTube delivers a set which is short on audience interaction but packed full of clever comic set pieces.

The format, that of the music hall variety performer, is not a new one: jokes that you probably wouldn’t find that funny are set to music that you probably wouldn’t find that interesting, but which come together to both seem cleverer than they are.

What elevates Burham above this tired format is half technical (the sheer verbal dexterity on display during his performance is exceptional) and half due to the energy and honesty he seems to bring to the work. There’s a palpable sense that he loves doing this, showing off and being difficult and clever and controversial – just like on YouTube, the audience being there doesn’t really seem to matter.

4 stars