Review – A Betrayal of Penguins, Gilded Balloon

A Betrayal of Penguins
With a plot loosely ranging around a disastrous kids TV show, Running with Scissors from the superbly named A Betrayal of Penguins, this is really just an excuse for two very funny guys to get up on stage and entertain for an hour. And entertain they do.

The plot feels forced at times, but the plot isn’t really the point – even the impromptu revelation of a key plot point by an oblivious audience member couldn’t dampen their momentum.

There are also some clear opportunities for cuts: I could have coped without the less convincing minor characters as well as fifteen slow minutes in the middle.

But no matter what, this is an infectiously amusing show from two very talented comics – and one slightly sad looking penguin.

Highly recommended.

4 stars