Review – Reginald D Hunter, Pleasance Courtyard

Reginald D Hunter
After foundering on the rocks of a dozen panel shows and an overconfident and unconvincing performance at the fringe in 2009, this is an assured return to form for Reginald D Hunter.

Unashamedly intellectual and political, RDH (as his backing banner proclaims him to be) once again asserts himself as one of Britain’s top comics in a set which oozes self-assurance and comic mastery.

Ironically for someone who makes so much of his outsider status, it is in his robust analysis of the British class system and its idiosyncrasies that Hunter is at his most incisive. There is much to enjoy in this set, but top of the list is his palpable comfort with, as well as his respect for, the audience.

There are no cheap laughs here and, whether he is defending Tiger Woods or retelling stories about his childhood, two things that are never in dispute are his authenticity or his mastery of his craft.

His best line of the night comes as an impromptu response to a well-meaning heckle, and he’s right: laughing until tears come out of your eyes is the best feeling in the world.

4 stars