Edinburgh Fringe theatre picks 2010

August has begun and it’s that time of year again, and for once I’m not secretly loathing the idea of heading up to Edinburgh for the month. For once, the mass of people and energy at the fringe seems exciting rather than just more of the same – and as such, I perhaps got slightly carried away with ordering tickets.

In any case, here’s my thoughts on the theatre and comedy not to miss this year.

Death of a Theatre Critic, Swedish Theatre in Helskini, Pleasance Courtyard
Couldn’t resist this one, in which one bad review turns a theatre director into “a drunken, cuckolded has-been, burning for revenge on his tormentor”. Really hoping for English surtitles.

Memory Cells, Pleasance Dome
“Abduction, sexuality, power, and obsession” in this new play directed by Hannah Eidnow, an Associate Director at the Pleasance and assistant director to a run of pretty solid work including the 2006 RSC season.

Beautiful Burnout, National Theatre of Scotland, Pleasance
Beautiful Burnout, National Theatre of Scotland, Pleasance Courtyard
Black Watch in 2006 made the National Theatre of Scotland the company to bet on every fringe, and this boxing-themed collaboration with Frantic Assembly, combining theatre and dance, looks to be the hot ticket this year.

Great publicity shot as well.

David Leddy’s Sub Rosa, Hill Street Theatre
Gothic promenade performances have been disappointing of late, but this one looks like it might be a winner. Story follows a character called Flora McIvor, perhaps the most Scottish name ever, and “her meteoric rise to power in a corrupt music hall”.