Preview – Ophelia Must Die, Camden Fringe

“Do you ever like anything?” a friend asked recently, turning from the computer screen. “‘A bit bored’,‘ridiculous plot’, ‘no coherent message’, ‘tired and creaky’, ‘a real turkey’, ‘fails to assert its importance’, ‘something vaguely embarrassing’, ‘banal’, ‘pretty predictable’, ‘never truly funny’. Why don’t you just call yourself ‘always whinging about London theatre’.”

“It’s been done,” I replied.”And not done. (Funnier with the hyperlinks really)

It’s a good job for British culture that not everybody’s like me. It turns out that there are bloggers out there who actually do something other than carp knowingly from the sidelines. For instance, Jake, the force behind A Younger Theatre, is actually going to do a play in this year’s Camden fringe, which frankly deserves a bit of blogging solidarity.

Unfortunately (and with perhaps predictable bathos following that call to arms) I won’t be able to make Ophelia Must Die (5pm, 9-11 August, The Lion and Unicorn) but you all should. Now regular readers will recall that I have something of a difficult relationship with Ophelia, who always seems to get in the way with her terribly long mad scenes just when Hamlet starts to get going, but this new devised work promises to lift the lid on her, not to mention examining the role of the female, live music and song.

Tickets just £7.50 – book here.