Review – Epic, Theatre503, Latitude Festival

So Jennifer* is psychic. She can feel how people feel even when they’re thousands of miles away, which comes in handy when her new husband goes to fight wars in Afghanistan. Except it’s actually a bit of a bore for poor old Jen because he doesn’t want her to feel his stress in battle, his family are always loitering around her trying to work out whether he’s doing alright and all the other wives get upset because they think it devalues their own emotional connections with their husbands.


To be fair, she deals with this all pretty well – until the husband* goes missing. At this point he sends her a psychic message as to his location via a star, she has the difficulty of explaining this intelligence source to the MoD and she is forced to take up gardening to cope with the stress.

Of course when you write it all down like that it sounds just ridiculous but it’s all done quite nicely** actually and the emotions, even if not the ridiculous plot, feel genuine. Special mention must go to Jennifer played by who knows* and her friend whatshername played by someone else*.

* Maybe? Latitude is all a bit trendy and eco to hand out programmes, so no idea who anybody involved was.

** Regular readers will know well the Sans Taste focus on good sound design (or, rather, not bad sound design) but we’ll let the many technical quibbles with radio mics go on this production given it was done in a field.