Review – Daniel Sloss, Latitude Festival

Daniel Sloss is now 20, which means that being very, very young is no longer enough alone to make his comedy impressive. It felt like a big gig here for him at Latitude – albeit playing to a comedy tent full of nappers hiding from the sun and children abandoned by their parents off in search of cider – and the material, mostly repeated from his 2009 Fringe show, didn’t play here nearly as well as it did there.

His tales of growing up in Fife bear a second telling and there were some very good new anecdotes (eg The Shit Lady of Leeds Festival) but some of the big set pieces didn’t really translate to this larger, and admittedly entirely atmosphereless, venue.

His real strength as a comic comes through his natural and fluid interaction with the audience. More of that and less of this for Edinburgh this year please.