Latitude Festival

Latitude Welcome!
After that trip to Yorkshire in 2006, I promised myself I would never leave London again, but the draw of camping, cider and Thea Sharrock in a field was too much to resist: from Thursday of this week the Sans Taste show will be touring to Latitude festival in sunny (if the met office and not the BBC are to be believed) Southwold, Suffolk.

The RSC will be there, as will the Royal Ballet, the Royal Opera, the Bush, Northern Stage and the brilliant Tangled Feet – not to mention Thea Sharrock and Sir Peter Hall doing a piece of improvised modern dance curiously named “in conversation”.

There will also be some funny people there (including Stephen K Amos and that nice young man Daniel Sloss) who we can cross off our Edinburgh lists before August even begins.

You can expect tweets and the odd blog post, at least until the battery on the iPhone dies (so, probably until about Thursday afternoon then). We may even attempt to post some video (a Sans Taste first obviously) if we can detain any theatrical types in the queue at the Magners tent long enough for them to talk to us.

I’ve also heard that there is some sort of music festival for young people going on nearby but don’t worry, we’ll steer well clear of that.